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America Online

AOL 3.0 for Win/3.1 Most basic version for Win/3.1x. If nothing else, it will get you on the web with a good browser like the Internet Explorer. This is the best way to go on a 386 because it uses the least amount of memory and processor resources.


AOL 3.0 for Win/95 The 32-bit version. I believe it has the Internet Explorer 4.0 integrated into it.


AOL4.0 for Win/3.1 and 95 Most advanced and fully functional version for Win/3.1x. It also works on Win/95 and 98. Note: Even though recommended for a 486, this program will work on a 386sx as long as you have the disk space and all the memory you can cram into it (usually about 8 megs). Also, once the program is installed, AOL downloads and installs updates to the program which can slow it down on a 386.


Note about AOL: There have been reports that the 3.0 and 4.0 will no longer connect to AOL and that you must upgrade to at least 5.0. If you are running Windows 3.1, probably the only way for you to get online is with a DSL/Broadband connection via a network card and TCP/IP driver, Internet Explorer or Netscape. If you have Windows 95, You can go as high as 7.0. It won't like it, but it will go.

Other Services

CompuServe 3.0 for Win/9.x For Win/9x.



Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer for Win/9x Highest browser you can get for Windows 95. This is the customized AOL version and the easiest one to install. Just double-click the executable and it will update Windows automatically.

I also have: IE 3.03 for NT 3.51 , IE4 for 3.1, 95 , IE4 for Win/95 , IE5.01 SP2 , IE5.5 SP2 , IE5.5 SP2 (zipped) , IE6 SP1 (Full) , IE7 Beta XP , IE7 Beta 2k3


Avant Browser A good Internet Explorer alternative. Allows multiple windows and many other features. I don't know if it works in Win/95 or not.

Firefox 1.0.3 A good Mozilla based browser.


High Encryption Packs

IE4 3.1, NT3.51 , IE4 95/98/NT , IE4 Alpha , IE5 Alpha , IE5 95/98/NT , IE5 3.1, NT3.51 , IE 5.01



Web Publishing Wizard (95/98/NT)

Wizard to help you publish to the web.


Cheats and Tricks


This is a trick I found on the net where you can install the Active Desktop component without having to install IE4 and then upgrade it. I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS, but it sounds like it will work:


Installing the Active Desktop Update along with IE 5.5 SP2

If you just installed Windows and want to upgrade your current version of IE to IE 5.5 SP2 (recommended), you can install the Active Desktop Update at the same time. The option exists, it has just been hidden. Here's how to proceed:

1- Download ie5setup.exe (on the desktop or wherever suits you best).

2- Run the program.

3- When the License Agreement appears, hold it right there! Now, open Windows Explorer and browse to the C:\Windows\temp\ixp000.tmp folder.

4- Locate iesetup.cif and open it in notepad.

5- Under the item [IE4Shell_Win], find the line that says UIVISIBLE=0 and change it to read UIVISIBLE=1, then save the file. This will enable the hidden Active Desktop Update checkbox in IE's installation program.

6- Go back to License Agreement, check "accept" and click the Next Button, then choose Install Minimal or customize your browser and click [Next] again.

7- You will now see the Windows Desktop Update option immediately under Internet Explorer 5.5 Web Browser. Check both and select the other components you want, then proceed with the installation as usual.

Installing the Active Desktop Update with IE 5.x already installed

There are several ways of doing this. There is the long and cumbersome Microsoft way, which is to uninstall IE 5.x, install IE 4.01 with the active desktop update, then reinstall IE 5.x. Lots of fun on a dialup connection!!!

Or... You can just download the update itself, which is less than 1 MB, and install it (duh!)

If you prefer the second way, do as follows:

1- Download the update and extract it to a temporary folder. Most archive programs such as Winzip or Winrar can handle the .cab format. You should just double-click the file and see what comes up. If you have no archiver currently associated with the .cab format, you can download and install the small Microsoft Cabviewer. To install, simply run cabview.exe to extract the content, then right-click cabview.inf to install it. You will be able to see and extract the content of .cab files from Windows Explorer now.

2- After extracting the temporary folder should count 26 files, 27 if you extracted in the same folder where you had Locate ie4shell.inf, right-click it and select Install. If a message pops up complaining of a missing file Wallpapr.htm, just ignore it. Restart your computer as instructed.

3- When windows is back up, it is likely that your start button won't work at this point. To correct this, you'll need to execute a "repair" of your Internet Explorer. To do so, open My Computer, then Control Panel, and then Add/Remove Programs. Now select Microsoft Internet Explorer from the list, then click the [Add/Remove] button and select the repair option, then click [Ok].

4- Now reboot again, and you are done!

Note: This update will replace explorer.exe in C:\Windows with an updated version (4.72.3612.1700) and you cannot go back.

Note: If your desktop icons look garbled, you'll need to repair them. If you don't already have it, i suggest you download and install Tweak UI 1.33 and use the repair tool in it.

Want to download the entire IE6 for all versions? Here's another trick I found and it works. TIP: If you have a Windows Update Setup Files folder on your computer already, move or rename it or all the data in it will be overwritten. Here's the trick:


Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 went final on August 28, 2001. When IE 5.5 came out, MS published a way for administrators to download the full version of Internet Explorer for all Operating Systems to your hard drive. I took a shot and changed their instructions to work with Internet Explorer 6 and it worked. You can use it on all Windows platforms except 3.1x & 95.

To download the full version of Internet Explorer 6 SP1 for all Windows 98 and above Operating Systems (including NT 4.0 SP 6a (Go to Start->Run and type "winver" without the quotes to check your version of NT)) , follow these instructions:

Create a folder at the root of C:\ and name it "Windows Update Setup Files" without the quotes. I have seen the installation fail if the "Windows Update Setup Files" folder is not at the root of the C: drive.
If you have a previous folder with that name, empty it and reuse the empty folder. You could also save your previous update files to another folder in case you ever want to reinstall the previous version of Internet Explorer.

Download the ie6setup.exe file into the folder you just created from HERE

or to go directly to the English version of the file:

After the file is downloaded into the Windows Update Setup Files folder you created, Go to Start->Run and type in exactly (or just copy and paste it):

"C:\Windows Update Setup Files\ie6setup.exe" /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d /s:""#E"

You must include all of the quotes (6 of them).

Click OK.

Accept the EULA:

Click Next

You will get to a box where you can now download IE6 for all versions of Windows at once, just check them all off or choose just the Operating Systems you want. If necessary, change the download path at the top of the window to: C:\Windows Update Setup Files

Click Next

finish downloading

You can save the Windows Update Setup Files folder to a server or to a CD so you can do future installations on other machines. You must first copy the Windows Update Setup Files folder to the root of the C: drive of the machine you are doing the update on. Then open the Windows Update Setup Files folder and just double click the ie6setup.exe file to begin the installation.

If given the choice during the upgrade to do a Typical or Minimal upgrade (NT, 98 & maybe ME), I always choose the Minimal option and check off all the options I want. So in this case Minimal is more.

It's best to be connected to the Internet because the updater wants to check the signatures of the files. If you don't have an Internet connection available, you can still do the update, but it will take longer and you may have to click Ignore, Continue or OK (I can't remember exactly) to complete the upgrade.

Happy browsing

Getting an error? Here's a workaround. If you run the ie6setup.exe file and get the error stating " Setup has detected a newer version of Internet Explorer already installed on this system. Setup cannot continue."

we can get around this by running ie6setup.exe with the quiet switch from a command prompt. Go to Start->Run and type in "cmd" without the quotes and click OK

type "cd \" without the quotes and press Enter on your keyboard.

Next, type "cd Windows Update Setup Files" without the quotes and press Enter on your keyboard.

Next, type "ie6setup /q" without the quotes and press Enter on your keyboard.

The installation should run and finish automatically.

Other Installation Issues? Try this command:

"C:\Windows Update Setup Files\ie6setup.exe" /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d:1 /s:""#E"







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