Windows 3.1

Adobe Reader for Win/3.1x
PDF file reader for Windows 3.1

Video for Windows Allows you to
play.avi files in Win 3.1

Internet Explorer 5.01 IE 5 for

Calmira 3.3 Adds a Win/95
feel with a “Start” button, right mouse button functionality, etc.

Calmira XP 3.31 **** Calmira XP 3.33 These programs add a Windows XP feel to Windows


TCP/IP For Windows 3.1x The
internet protocol for Windows 3.1x. If you have an ethernet card and a broadband or DSL
connection, you can have a really good browsing experience.

osr2fix.exe This is a fix for
Windows 95B & C so that you can run Windows 3.1x (in DOS mode, I guess?). I’ve never
actually tried it.

WinRar 2.9 WinRAR for Windows
3.1x and 95.

Win/3.1 File Mgr Update

File Manager update for Windows 3.1

WFWG 3.11 File Mgr Update

File Manager update for Windows for Workgroups 3.11

WFWG Y2k Update

Year 2000 update for Windows for Workgroups.

Windows 95, 98 and ME

AVG 7.5

This is *FREE* antivirus software that is just as good,
if not better, than some of the products commercially available. This product has
installed on every version of Windows I have including server versions. I don’t have a
Win/95 unit up right now, but I expect it should work on it.

BitComet Great program
for P2P (peer to peer) file sharing of torrent files.

Download Accelerator Plus 5 Beta
Speeds up download times by making multiple connections to a file to increase download
speeds, and resumes downloads if they are interrupted. Integrates into Explorer and some
versions of Netscape Navigator. This is the DAP 5 Plus Beta version and my favorite. It
doesn’t have all the extra bells and whistles of the newer versions, and it doesn’t use
excessive resources. A very simple, straightforward tool that does exactly what it says it

Easy Office Freeware
version. Similar to Microsoft Office. It comes with Easy Word, Bookeeper, Spreadsheet, and
Easy Zip, a free unzipping utility similar to WinZip.
Note: This is a large file, about 27 megabytes! If you have a dial – up ISP, be prepared to wait 2 – 4 hours for download.
It’s worth the wait! Easy Word can also make simple web pages if you are in a hurry to get
a page up. Also Windows 2000 and XP compatible. It may work on other versions, but I
didn’t have them available for testing.

IZArc 3.4 By far the best free unzipping utility I have ever
seen. It supports 40 different file types and integrates into Windows Explorer. Use of
this utility is recommended for the zipped files on this site.

Kerio Personal Firewall 2.1.5
Excellent Firewall program. It is set to “Learn Mode” by default so that you can
configure it in the fly. If you don’t want to continually be prompted to permit the same
programs to run over and over again, check the box in the lower left corner that says
“Create Rule” and it won’t prompt you for that particular program again. Once
you have it configured, you will be very happy with it’s performance. I like this version
better than the newer ones because it’s easy on system resources.

Media Player 7 Windows Media
Player 7.0, the highest version that will install on Windows 95 natively.

Player 7.1 for Windows 95
Complete instructions for NT/95 are in the archive. You may
also need the Dial-up Networking 1.4 update and DCOM95 in Windows 95 for it to work
properly. The DCOM95 file is in both the IE5.01 and 5.5 downloads. I will post the DUN 1.4
update as soon as I run across it. I have it somewhere.

Media Player 7.1 Media Player
7.1 for Windows 98 and up.

Media Player 8 for Win2k ONLY
I found this on the web (somewhere). It is meant for Windows 2000 ONLY and it works pretty

Media Player 9 Windows Media
Player 9 for Win/98/2k/XP.

Media Player 9 for XP A
higher version of WMP 9 exclusively for XP.

Media Player 9 for
WMP 9 for Macs. (Hey, why not?) 😀

Media Player 10 Newest
version for XP.

Personal Web Server for Windows 95
Convert Windows 95 into a web server. Limited to 10 connections.

RealPlayer 10 Newest version of RealPlayer For Win/98 and up and NT.
Win/95 is stuck with
RealPlayer 8 .

Sambar Web Server 6.1
This is a good web server for Windows 95 and up. You can do Network Load Balancing if you
have multiple servers on a network which is why I went with
Win2k Advanced Server. During
setup, it will ask you where you want to install the program. I suggest
“C:\Inetpub\wwwroot” otherwise it will install into a subfolder of wherever you
downloaded the file to. Your website goes into the “Docs” folder.

Savant Web Server 3.1
Webserver for Windows 95 and up. Turn your desktop into a webserver in less than 10
minutes. It has an excellent help section and it requires almost no configuration. Install
and start the program, load your website into C:\Savant\root, and you’re up. To actually
get your computer on the web, go to DSL/Cable
for a complete “How-to” on setting up a home server. It should be
noted that I had this program on my backup server at first, but it seemed to
“choke” on the larger downloads. Also, I found out that if you don’t put your
domain name into the DNS field at the top of the main window, you won’t be able to access
your site from the web! Very irritating.

in Flight
Fantastic Star Trek screen saver.
It shows all the Starships from the original series to all the spin-offs flying in orbit
around planets, through the stars, with each other, etc. Also included are Romulan
Warbirds and Klingon Battlecruisers. Complete with sound effects. Even if you’re not a fan
of the show, it’s still worth a look. It’s really that good — AND it works in Windows

VNC Viewer Handy
program for networks. Lets you “log in” on another computer in your network from
a remote location and run programs or help someone, etc. It must be installed on all the
computers to work.

Volumouse Nifty
little program that lets you adjust the volume on the computer by hovering the mouse
cursor over the taskbar and moving your mouse’s scroll wheel up or down. In 2000 and XP,
there is another setting that lets you adjust the transparency of a window by hovering the
mouse cursor over the title bar by moving the scroll wheel up or down. Neat! For 98 and
up. ( I tried this in Win/95 once. Although it will install, the program won’t actually do

Weatherbug for Windows 95
This is the only version of Weatherbug that I
have found and/or know of that installs in Windows 95 and it works great. Always decline
offers to upgrade because newer versions don’t work in Win/95.

Weatherbug 5.3
For Windows 98 and up and my favorite. This program doesn’t use excessive system resources
or have extra stuff you don’t need. A simple staightforward tool great for desktop

Winamp 5.05 , Winamp 5.07 , Winamp
, Winamp 5.22

Winamp 5.05 and 5.07 both work in Windows 95. It’s
reasonable to assume the others will also, but this is NOT TESTED.

WinZip 6.0 WinZip for
Win/3.1x/95 and up. Not tested on Win/XP.

WinZip 8.1 WinZip for Win/9x and up.

Xplorer 2 lite A
Windows Explorer program with two explorer panes instead of one. Handy if you need to
manage files in mutiple places.

2X Explorer Previous version
of Xplorer 2.

Year 2000 update for Windows 98

This update has two parts. You must run this one
first and reboot the computer.

Year 2000 Update for 98 Part 2

Then install this update and reboot. Resolves certain
Y2k issues

Windows NT

Adobe Reader 6.0 ,
Adobe Reader 7.0 Adobe Readers for 98 and up.

Driver to read Ext2 and Ext3 Linux drives from Windows. I have only used it in Windows
2000, so I don’t know if it will work in other Windows versions or not.

NT Option Pack NT Option
Pack For Windows NT Workstation.

winntusb.exe Generic USB
driver for Windows NT. Works in ALL versions.


MS-DOS 7.10 This version of
DOS was originally developed by Microsoft but never used in any operating systems. It will
support any version of Windows you want to put on it. It comes with its own CD-Rom drivers
so that you have access to your CD-Rom drive without an operating system. Excellent for
experimenting. It also has it’s own version of “Dosshell” and an excellent
“Help” feature. I highly recommend it! Note: During setup, it will ask you if
you want the splash screen during startup. Even though it’s pretty to look at, it uses up
memory and slows down boot – up. Save yourself some trouble and choose “no”. The
files are in *.IMG format. I have included RaWrite for Windows so that you can open the
files to diskette.

Disk 1 , Disk 2 , Boot Disk , MS DOS 7.10 Full CD with add-ons

Need a boot disk? Click here
. It’s a modified Windows 95 boot disk that supports most CD-Rom drives and doesn’t move
your drive letter back. So far, It has worked on every computer I’ve tried it on except
for one which was an SCSI (50-pin) drive. Those drives need their own special drivers. The
disk also comes with the usual tools — format, fdisk, edit, etc. I have included the
freeware tool RaWrite for Windows so that you can open the file. Just write it to a floppy
in your “A” drive and your good to go.


Front Page Express –

I now have this program with an installer. The name is FPExpress_eng.exe and it is an installer that does everything
it is supposed to. If you downloaded the French version,
just uninstalling it isn’t enough. There are some files that you have to uninstall
manually to get it off your computer and to get it to quit speaking French. They are:
setdefed.exe and MFC40LOC.DLL in your System (system32) directory, and setup.ini in your
Windows (WINNT) directory. Click on it and read it in Notepad before you delete it just to
make sure it’s the correct file. Also remove fpxpress.inf and fpxpress.pnp from your
Windows (WINNT) \Inf directory. Now for the scary part: registry keys. If you are an
advanced user, this will be no problem, but if the only thing you know how to do is turn
it on, you may want to get some help because everything in the registry that had to do
with “Microsoft FrontPage Express” has to be removed so that the English version
will work properly. Otherwise, Windows will continue to look for a program that is no
longer there.

A couple of final things – If the French version is the
one you want, you must restart your computer after installation even though you aren’t
prompted to. You must do the same upon removal also, plus the extra work mentioned above.
The English version will tell you when to reboot.

TweakUI Popular powertoy that
gives more control over Windows settings.


CD Players – Here are some CD players that I have
gathered over the years. They are all for Win/3.1x, but they will work in newer versions.
I think all of these players need vbrun300.dll to work. You can get it below under the
CD-Audio Player. Directions are provided under that heading.

Top Pick! — Splinter Creek
Media Player
— Top Pick!

Originally written for Windows 3.1x, this program was
WAY ahead of it’s time. Not only does it play CD’s and media files, it also plays Windows
Audio Visual (.avi) files! The look is simple and it’s easy to use. The Splinter Creek
Media Player provides an unprecedented level of quality that would add to any Windows
operating system including Windows XP. Just place the player in your Windows (or WINNT)
directory, create a shortcut into your “Programs” folder, and you’re set. Enjoy!

CD-Audio Player CD Shuffle
player. Recommended for those who have limited manual installation skills with Windows. It
has it’s own setup program that does all the work for you. It is a small player that you
can move around your desktop with track times, numbers, etc. Note: This player needs
vbrun300.dll to run. If you don’t have it, you can get vbrun100, 200, and 300 here. Just place them into your System or System32
directory, and
you are good to go. Note: This player starts minimized. You must click it’s button on the
taskbar to bring it up.

CDTRAX Appears to only work in
Win/95. Does not work in Win/98 and up, which is a shame because this is a really nice
player. It has digital-like displays and the CD tracks are also displayed as buttons that
you can push to go directly to that track.

HYPERCD Small CD player that
stays in the bottom right corner of you screen. You must move your taskbar down to expose
the player and then move it up again to “push” it into view. It’s basically
shaped like a small taskbar.

MINICD A small CD player that
is intended to stay in the top left of your desktop, but you can move it wherever you
want. It looks like a mini taskbar.

MYCD Small CD player that
resembles a CD drive that you can move around your desktop.

TINYCD Lives up to it’s name
— it’s a small square with the most basic controls and a track number display.