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16 bit

Windows 3.1

Windows for Workgroups 3.11

32 bit ( 9x )

Windows 95 Upgrade

Windows 95 C

Windows 95C ISO

Windows 98 Second Edition

Windows ME Full

This version is very stable. The trick is to
defragment the harddrive continuously!

Windows ME Upgrade

32 bit ( NT )


Service Packs

95 SP1

The Microsoft Windows 95 Service Pack 1 includes an
update, system administration tools, additional components, and drivers for Windows 95.
After installing the update, your system properties will report version 4.00.950a.
NOTE: This download is not intended for use on computers running Microsoft Windows 95 A,
B, or C or Microsoft Windows 98. To determine if you are running Windows 95 A or later,
click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, then double-click System. If the
version number reported is 4.00.950 A or later, do not install this update. Your system
already contains the appropriate fix.


NT 3.51 SP5 Workstation and

NT 3.51 SP5 Alternate file

NT4 SP6 for Workstation and

Windows 98 SP1

I believe this is intended for 98 First Edition

Unofficial Windows 98 Second
Edition Service Pack

For Win/98 Second Edition ONLY! Adds
some updates to 98SE and gives it a more modern look.

2000 SP1 , 2000 SP2 , 2000 SP3 , 2000 SP4

Exchange Server SP1 , Exchange Server SP2

2003 SP1

XP SP1a , XP SP2

NT Terminal Server Edition

WTSI386.EXE Service
Pack 6 for Terminal Server Edition.

SP6SYMI.EXE Also for Terminal Server,the symbol set that can be used when debugging problems with NT-SP6a.

High Encryption update. Not necessary if SP6 is installed and Internet Explorer is fully

Q317636i.EXE Terminal Server
Security Rollup Package. All the security updates for NT TSE in one file.